Teachings of daily life – life at its best and worst

It happened to be the controversy between the heart and brain. I always think about things that stays with me forever and gives a permanent impact. It’s that thing or nothing. That’s how I grew up. All this started right from the first dress I was allowed to choose. From the first dress I chose to the job I chose to be I made all it happened with my knowledge. I might have chosen the path which I’m not interested in rather than choosing the favorite and desired path. But even though I travel in the path I didn’t desire, I have the same old love for the path I desired close to heart. And I give myself for that, trying hard, working out things, executing it, then fail, and again fail… thinking someday, somehow I’ll be there in the path I always wanted to be.

Exercise and workout till you get there for the fight. It’s not that I am calm waiting for the things to happen in my life, it’s just that I work till I get there in my way. It is just from that film “Rab ne bana de Jodi” I learnt this lesson “Travel in your mind and act where you gotta go, once and for all you’ll be there meeting you with the thing you wanted you to be” from the line

“We’re travelling in the love lane, down the street we’ll meet again”

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I never felt bad for the tough days, they never mattered me, it was a real fun dealing with them. But I am always concerned about the unproductive days. The days I wanted to feel like worth having rather than regretting. A day with no regret is a successful day, a day wasted out of interest is like a day with no inner light.

Since, ups and downs are what the path are made of, being whiny will do no good. But trying to get a hype in the day is eventually necessary. The day started all with fun, but later it went down a drowsy part with no shown interest. And the buzz started when I realized and started to write this post. I postponed the work I gotta do because having no interest and doing a thing will only spoil the food. I chose its better tasty being late, than bitter being soon.

Still all things in life are connected with priorities, you can’t wait till the waves hit your shelter, when its a wave hitting your shadow is fine. There is no use in doing things when the thing matters nothing to you. Put the soul’s eternity even in the smallest work you do. At the end you’ll be proud that its your work.

At the same, don’t expect for the credits and don’t fall for the credits others give you. It might ruin the things you are up to. Never take the success to your head, your head will start to weigh more and at last you loose your balance – you might tremble or fall with the huge thud.










Scribbling the thoughts random!

The time have changed. I get no time to be myself. I am not a single edition. Being the editor of my life and myself, the multiple unique editions of me have no time to update. Understanding myself better than anyone does, I feel no worth staying back and doing things I have no idea of what my position is.

“Things tends to change. Change tends to work. Work tends to dilemma. Dilemma tends to confusion. Confusion tends to change. Change tends to new life”

There is always this one question in mind. Am I in the right path to a right place? After all done and left with none, your mind may pop this question, Are you up to good?

All I have learnt this year is just because people tend to act like they will be your side forever, doesn’t mean they actually do it. Just because you got something temporarily doesn’t mean you should forget what you want for lifetime.

And above all, even after your memory starts to fade for others, you can have the same highness for all people who was there in your life. Because people’s intention was to be temporary but you are permanent. Keep up to yourself to be yourself.


Dear lady! Your time has come. There exists no reason for your birth if you don’t step over the discrimination! Wake up now :)

Everybody and everything in the universe is judged by some means. The most ugliest judgement I have heard so far, a girl being often judged by her appearance. Whatever she gains or whatever she lost irrespective of any other mean she is discriminated by her looks. No matter whether she is dark or fair, lean or fat, attractive or not, structured or no, if she succeeds truly with no guilt it is through her own talent, work and sweat. No man or woman in the world have the rights to talk rubbish about another person’s success or failure.

This was a personal incident that happened to me few days back. I attended a campus recruitment and got selected though I had no interest in technical stuffs. My interviewer was a woman, she asked me a dozen of technical questions to which I had no answer or answered in my worst way, imposing I have no interest in it. She being an experienced HR found me good in management stuffs and started conversing with me about it. I, who was interested in the way she took the interview really did answered thing in my own true way and got no carried away. Finally, after an hour of final interview I got selected as an management trainee that first occurred in the history of the company. I, with no guilt and with all my heart know that I deserved it and thanked the company for opening a new opportunity for young talents and minds.

But as a way of throwing all the efforts into the bin, few used the foul phrases saying “I told you, your appearance would get you a job” which never did bring me down but got myself into the wrath in the thoughts of the society. As the people needed some guidance about it, I spent a minute explaining them, ‘A woman with true spirit, attitude and desire will not be happy by the words and neither do I’, I told them. And further went a step saying ‘My interviewer was a woman’. The appreciable reply I got was ‘ She might had been paid by any male in the organization to get you selected.’ This corrupted mind will never take you far I thought and left the place looking the person incorrigibly.

This is just a small incident that happened to me and I took this as an arena to expose it to the world. Even the woman in the highest position is being discriminated by another women or men in her surrounding and been made to deteriorate the will she has because for a woman her respect is everything and she is most concerned about what the society might think of her, and prefers staying in a cubicle rather than going out and finding herself and finally her dream and self-respect is been killed.

Its time to wake up women. Its real time!

There exists no reason to your life, if you just prefer staying in a cubicle. Remember the embarrassments you face are only making you strong, they never drag you down.

So, remember my dear lady, the time has come to pull your socks up!

Listen to your inner-heart and to no morons!

Wake up! Let every dawn be your day.