Simple but Complex

The place was blissful, the josh was incredible, the luxury was all around, the interiors were anciently grandeur, bed of roses, milk and honey, clash of waves, love of breeze. It was a scenic beauty. The greenly lawn, the piss of fountain, swag pf people, love was all around. I wanted to fit there. I tried to. But of all the luxury I preferred to be simple. So I chose to go seeing people smiling, laughing and all having fun. I found myself there and that was what I am up to. Simplex but Complex is how I define it.


Those alone days I forelook!

I want my own kingdom.

But whats the point having a kingdom being alone?

It was neither my option nor yours.

If it is destined that way, let it.

Near or not, I am the same old me.

The same old bitch who still loves the touch of rain and the breeze of ride.

Envying anonymous – the real craze to start the voyage of birth!

female_travellerThere are people you envy at certain period of life. A woman or a man of the same insight of life as yours and they possessing what you desire at the earliest stage than you- will surely make you envy them. Where exists me, not yet ready for the real journey of the birth. Where exists me, Sitting in a compact space, uncertain about the time  my blaze of desires might burst, envying people who are crazy my way, waiting for my time to hunt the feast of life. Yes! A cubicle is what I say when comparing the unwrapped bounded beauty. The exotically decorated cubicle is no match to the drought-ed land or the flooded town.The more  you are away from the destiny you desire the most, the more you are tempted and mesmerized by it. The more it tempts you to go for it similar to two little hetero-souls experiencing the fire of youth, separated.