Pleasure ‘n’ Joy

​Be sure of one thing. Nobody is going to stay with you long. You have to takecare of your own. Be an independent women. Face the problem and overcome it. You might make it big but still you learn from it. You come to know about people, you come to know about your yourself. Things and people are not found to be permanent,its quite temporary.

Joy is priceless, Pleasure is measured..

The pain of missing happiness is cruel but its beautiful. 


Negotiation: might favour you when you are at your best!

There was a time when people where just judging and neglecting me just because i was different and unique. I wondered for the reason and started to analyze myself for the reason. I attempted to change myself for those people who can’t even recognize me with what I am. Later, after months I realized… my recognition is my attitude and character and if I change it people are going to dump me no where for ‘I would lose my identity.’

Sometimes when you insult someone it might badly hurt them and does make them develop a negative thoughts on you… but years after it might damn badly help them and might become a reason for their success.. Things that is simple and small today may take a tremendous growth tomorrow.

“Negotiation might cost you and favor you with the best sometimes.”