Rage with the life around to comfort self

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“The clouds  cleared, but there is no sign of sky

The Sun shines, still the darkness rules

The birds chirp, out of agony

The branches sway, but there is no beat

The birds fly of the chaos

Children play, there seem to be no fun

A lass smiled, there was no life

The plane takes off and fly high but whats the point?

The road is busy with traffic where cops keep on clearing the crowd but still it appears empty

Buildings are built high but there is no sight of a tree

People cross each other but there is no smile or any sign of acquaintance

There is light, but it’s gradually fading

There is life all around but still it all appears dead”

All these would have been a way opposite if I looked at it in a happier way. This explains what art is. Everything we look, everything we hear, everything we feel, all these are based on our own perspective, there is no use or it is simply lame blaming things around and comforting self with a lie.



a Self Prosecutor







Untie your mind, heart and soul – cut through the darkness B)

Be random, Be crazy.

Be the best you.

Lend a hand, you never fade.

Have your style when it worth for while.

Follow your heart, make your path.

Fear not, to fail.

Rejuvenate instantly when you collapse.

Be amazingly great for yourself, not for the world.

Stay tuned and explore self.

Persevere till the end.

Refuse to quit.

Make your own fears fear.

Get lost in the right.

Your attitude when doomed will count.

Be the one with mind, the one with attitude, the one of class.

Yes! Be amazingly great for yourself.

Unwrap the magic spark.

Illuminate the blaze of imagination.

                      “Untie the mind.

                       Untie the heart.

                       Untie the soul.

             Cut through the darkness.”

Tell the world…

I’m the son/daughter of guts.”

The inner voice tells you what you want – go for it. No matter what because that is the way you live!

OMG! Did I really grow up? Am I really becoming responsible day by day? I never a felt a difference within myself! But things are coming too fast my way. Should I be happy? amazed? proud? partying? treating? boasting? I am going with none. I am not getting this still, ‘Am I fully ready for this? Am I the person for that position?’ Sometimes these questions on self-analyzing might ruin your mind and might make you annoyed.

But tell yourself…

This doesn’t mean I am lacking self-confidence. My way of satisfying with things is different. We can’t just be satisfied with things the world mark at us, as far as I know I rate my own self. Positive or Negative? Good or Bad? I am there to judge me. After all, judging self is a million time better than judging others. Put the time you have to judge yourself rather than wasting it on others.

But be always afraid of not having enemies/people getting on your nerves/rivals/people who gossip. It is dangerous if you don’t have any of the above. You may think your life is peaceful with no combatants or may live in a virtual world where you think you top the show but sadly there are no players playing with you in the ground.

That is where the entire life sucks to drag you down to the first phase of failure. The worst part is you have no idea that you’re silently being pulled down.

You might be the one who will not be annoyed by the irritants but by their silence.  

You might be the one who will not be disturbed by the discrimination but become mad by the boasts on you.

You might be the one who will not be tired of the failures but by the success in the very first attempt.

You might be the one who is okay with not socializing but the one who is disgusted by the group gossiping.  

You might be the one who is ready to stay single but refuse to go on with the relationship that has no respect for you though you still long for it.

You might be the one who is ready to die soon by taking adventure than living with no life for years and years.

You may be the one who is ready to lose people but not willing to give away your privacy at any cost.

Take time to be you, to have what you want, to love what you do, to be the one who you really wanna be. Never be carried away by appreciations, you know where you stand and where you wanna be. After all life is for living in your own way. Just because someone says you are wrong, doesn’t mean you really are. Just because you do it, doesn’t mean you did it right.

Ask you in the inner soul that instincts that inner voice… think about it… consult with your logical brain… do it if you still think you should. Because that is what you wanted to do and that is what you think is right!

Living life to the fullest

Its time to decide what you want in life before it becomes too late. What you want in life? Where you want to be in life? With whom you should spend your life? How you want your life to be?

Living a life is nothing big when compared to really LIVING it. Lets take up everything that is required to live our life to the fullest. Never worry if people leave your life, if you don’t get the things you desire the most in your life because if it is meant for you, it will come to you at the right time.

Admire the smallest things in life. Love the mumbling of the bees, the rhythm of waves, the smile of a baby, innocence of the elders, the sway of leaves. Everything in the world tends to tell you something and that something is really simple to see but not everyone understands the real worth of it. If you are blessed enough to understand it, you live your life.

Dear lady! Your time has come. There exists no reason for your birth if you don’t step over the discrimination! Wake up now :)

Everybody and everything in the universe is judged by some means. The most ugliest judgement I have heard so far, a girl being often judged by her appearance. Whatever she gains or whatever she lost irrespective of any other mean she is discriminated by her looks. No matter whether she is dark or fair, lean or fat, attractive or not, structured or no, if she succeeds truly with no guilt it is through her own talent, work and sweat. No man or woman in the world have the rights to talk rubbish about another person’s success or failure.

This was a personal incident that happened to me few days back. I attended a campus recruitment and got selected though I had no interest in technical stuffs. My interviewer was a woman, she asked me a dozen of technical questions to which I had no answer or answered in my worst way, imposing I have no interest in it. She being an experienced HR found me good in management stuffs and started conversing with me about it. I, who was interested in the way she took the interview really did answered thing in my own true way and got no carried away. Finally, after an hour of final interview I got selected as an management trainee that first occurred in the history of the company. I, with no guilt and with all my heart know that I deserved it and thanked the company for opening a new opportunity for young talents and minds.

But as a way of throwing all the efforts into the bin, few used the foul phrases saying “I told you, your appearance would get you a job” which never did bring me down but got myself into the wrath in the thoughts of the society. As the people needed some guidance about it, I spent a minute explaining them, ‘A woman with true spirit, attitude and desire will not be happy by the words and neither do I’, I told them. And further went a step saying ‘My interviewer was a woman’. The appreciable reply I got was ‘ She might had been paid by any male in the organization to get you selected.’ This corrupted mind will never take you far I thought and left the place looking the person incorrigibly.

This is just a small incident that happened to me and I took this as an arena to expose it to the world. Even the woman in the highest position is being discriminated by another women or men in her surrounding and been made to deteriorate the will she has because for a woman her respect is everything and she is most concerned about what the society might think of her, and prefers staying in a cubicle rather than going out and finding herself and finally her dream and self-respect is been killed.

Its time to wake up women. Its real time!

There exists no reason to your life, if you just prefer staying in a cubicle. Remember the embarrassments you face are only making you strong, they never drag you down.

So, remember my dear lady, the time has come to pull your socks up!

Listen to your inner-heart and to no morons!

Wake up! Let every dawn be your day.