Give an attempt else there would be only darkness!

It was a calm evening but there was no chirp of birds, the touch of air rather there was only that murmur of people and coldness of Air-conditioner, a mirror was in between me and that scenic beauty. I sat there in a chair staring at the sky and dusk of the sun with a half-filled cup of coffee in the hand. The brightly lit sun slowly lost its brightness and faded as easy as possible. The beauty of nature was tremendous but there still exists a sad story in the universe’s mystery, a truth of life – “You might fall once you rise but don’t stop to give an attempt, then there would be no light.”


Living life to the fullest

Its time to decide what you want in life before it becomes too late. What you want in life? Where you want to be in life? With whom you should spend your life? How you want your life to be?

Living a life is nothing big when compared to really LIVING it. Lets take up everything that is required to live our life to the fullest. Never worry if people leave your life, if you don’t get the things you desire the most in your life because if it is meant for you, it will come to you at the right time.

Admire the smallest things in life. Love the mumbling of the bees, the rhythm of waves, the smile of a baby, innocence of the elders, the sway of leaves. Everything in the world tends to tell you something and that something is really simple to see but not everyone understands the real worth of it. If you are blessed enough to understand it, you live your life.

Simple but Complex

The place was blissful, the josh was incredible, the luxury was all around, the interiors were anciently grandeur, bed of roses, milk and honey, clash of waves, love of breeze. It was a scenic beauty. The greenly lawn, the piss of fountain, swag pf people, love was all around. I wanted to fit there. I tried to. But of all the luxury I preferred to be simple. So I chose to go seeing people smiling, laughing and all having fun. I found myself there and that was what I am up to. Simplex but Complex is how I define it.

Scribbling the thoughts random!

The time have changed. I get no time to be myself. I am not a single edition. Being the editor of my life and myself, the multiple unique editions of me have no time to update. Understanding myself better than anyone does, I feel no worth staying back and doing things I have no idea of what my position is.

“Things tends to change. Change tends to work. Work tends to dilemma. Dilemma tends to confusion. Confusion tends to change. Change tends to new life”

There is always this one question in mind. Am I in the right path to a right place? After all done and left with none, your mind may pop this question, Are you up to good?

All I have learnt this year is just because people tend to act like they will be your side forever, doesn’t mean they actually do it. Just because you got something temporarily doesn’t mean you should forget what you want for lifetime.

And above all, even after your memory starts to fade for others, you can have the same highness for all people who was there in your life. Because people’s intention was to be temporary but you are permanent. Keep up to yourself to be yourself.


The year is gonna end. There would be thousands of things I gotta tell people from thanking them to cursing them. All I could tell on this year end “I wasted my 99% of my time on the temporary people who don’t even worth a minute.” 

There was always a joy on the birth of the new year and worries by the end of the present year. But as years pass all I could tell is I had become too weak to enjoy and much more weaker to be sad. I wish I could forget every moment of the years which I never wanted to have. 

Pleasure ‘n’ Joy

​Be sure of one thing. Nobody is going to stay with you long. You have to takecare of your own. Be an independent women. Face the problem and overcome it. You might make it big but still you learn from it. You come to know about people, you come to know about your yourself. Things and people are not found to be permanent,its quite temporary.

Joy is priceless, Pleasure is measured..

The pain of missing happiness is cruel but its beautiful. 

Rage of women!

​What I hate about society is the extra care that is shown to a girl than a boy. I personally think that it is the mere reason for inequality in thoughts on a boy and a girl! 

Recently I read this in a social media posted by a close friend of mine. It was actually on Men’s day. It says…

“The word huMANity itself have MAN in it, which means boys have more humanity than girls.” I was on the verge of cracking to laugh. There was also an example that was given saying… I had seen many guys giving their own space for elderly in a bus but have never seen a girl doing so. I couldn’t help myself laughing. 

This thing is totally related to the attitude and mind of the person. How can someone relate it only to guys?

It was also saying that “Boys are better than girls”. 

I was shocked and literally wanted to ask him in public that “where did all your humanity thoughts go when there was a serious issues of nirbhaya, acid attack, rape, molestation, murder…of a girl happened. Where did your so called huMANity of mens go? You people rented it?”

When a guy talk about men’s superiority, he is called a MAN.

When a woman talks about her rights and current status of women, she is called FEMINIST, a bitch, whore, slut…

I don’t understand…

Where did the equality run?