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Rage with the life around to comfort self

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“The clouds  cleared, but there is no sign of sky

The Sun shines, still the darkness rules

The birds chirp, out of agony

The branches sway, but there is no beat

The birds fly of the chaos

Children play, there seem to be no fun

A lass smiled, there was no life

The plane takes off and fly high but whats the point?

The road is busy with traffic where cops keep on clearing the crowd but still it appears empty

Buildings are built high but there is no sight of a tree

People cross each other but there is no smile or any sign of acquaintance

There is light, but it’s gradually fading

There is life all around but still it all appears dead”

All these would have been a way opposite if I looked at it in a happier way. This explains what art is. Everything we look, everything we hear, everything we feel, all these are based on our own perspective, there is no use or it is simply lame blaming things around and comforting self with a lie.



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