Boredom to betterment

The world’s greatest concern is dealing with boredom. When I had this line typed in my editorial page, I got an idea why should I just blame the situation? Why can’t I put the blame on myself for not making use of the leisure time and stop calling it boredom and start calling it my time. And then this suddenly strikes, ‘that’s what I usually do in my leisure at home.’ Why can’t I do the same always. Why should we always just rely on people to guide us. We’re the only one in the earth who knows what we need in life and where we would like to stand at the end of the voyage. So I thought why can’t I write a note via stream of networks about the above mentioned scenario.

So this is what I had in mind when I thought to make use of the time at its best. I opened a new tab, started typing “Science of boredom” and was shocked seeing the facts behind feeling bored.

  1. Apathy and Boredom are not related when we actually talking about feeling bored. The reason of being bored is our conscience that wants us to be engaged with things much more than now, that feeling of dissatisfaction leads us to boredom. (So now, I got the real meaning of boredom)
  2. The people who report feeling bored often is found to have underdeveloped  Frontal-cortex in medical terms referring to the lack of decision making and self-control. (Thank god! I at least try to do something when I feel a little bored.)
  3. As per the study it is said that feeling bored might lead to high mortality rate through other problems like poor health or depression. (I better should have no depression )

And now I think at times boring can also be a better treatment for betterment in life(Sarcasm).

It’s always better to be up to something than nothing at all. People could make fun of you, might say you miss things in life. But just understand, not everyone is up to same thing. Each one’s intention and perception differs ultimately.

So, I feel it’s better to keep walk in our way, it’s not always possible we follow someone else’s footsteps. It’s better and best to have our own intentions in life.


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