Scribbling the thoughts random!

The time have changed. I get no time to be myself. I am not a single edition. Being the editor of my life and myself, the multiple unique editions of me have no time to update. Understanding myself better than anyone does, I feel no worth staying back and doing things I have no idea of what my position is.

“Things tends to change. Change tends to work. Work tends to dilemma. Dilemma tends to confusion. Confusion tends to change. Change tends to new life”

There is always this one question in mind. Am I in the right path to a right place? After all done and left with none, your mind may pop this question, Are you up to good?

All I have learnt this year is just because people tend to act like they will be your side forever, doesn’t mean they actually do it. Just because you got something temporarily doesn’t mean you should forget what you want for lifetime.

And above all, even after your memory starts to fade for others, you can have the same highness for all people who was there in your life. Because people’s intention was to be temporary but you are permanent. Keep up to yourself to be yourself.



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