Byakugan – the look through the flesh and bones

Turn around!

The world is not just the 90 degree you can see. Its spread over 360 degree

Not everything you experience can be said in words, it can only be felt

. So look around!

Look at the world! Look at the people! Look out for the things around you!

Grab what they are trying to convey you!

There exists an reason and there lies the meaning for every single thing and every single reason on earth.

I stepped on the first day of my professional career 23 days back. The workplace was beautifully decorated with flying colors of ribbons shaking its whole body just merely like the gorgeous belly dancers. The Christmas bells at the end of the ribbon adding beauty to the arena. And the balloons tied at the corner of each cabin. The phrases that was painted on the balloon really made many senses. Three balloons representing the tri-color of the national flag comprises of the different phrases on each tied all over the place. On a green balloon the words “OUR COUNTRY” was written. Days passed the green balloon fell into my space. I used to look at it everyday before I start my work for no reason(just because I loved seeing it).

Due to some personal reasons I couldn’t make to office for a week.

After a week when I reached and finally settled down after all chit-chats about all the routines in the past week, I suddenly noticed the green balloon shrink-ed because of the leakage of the air molecules inside it(it still lies in my space).

There came a deep silence in my mind and thoughts were shut down for a minute. And then rouse all the talks of the mind and heart.

India – such a tremendous beauty with no bounds for its wealth, appearance and culture now facing a serious threat by the citizens it protects that shrinks the vast arena into a simple small cubicle in all aspects is a hurt, is a shame, is a sin. People of the country irrespective of the gender, culture, caste, religion, race joined together will make the place will make the world worth living. Depleting the respect of the ‘Mother Nation’ with chaos and riots will never do something grateful- it simply imposes on the ‘worst thing a child could do to a Mother’.

”OUR COUNTRY” – a simple phrase really did made a change in me.

We together will sure make a change in ME and YOU and moreover US.


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