That moment of rising up for your existence, the real anger!

Seeing injustice yu may loose yur temper, yur head rises, teeth clutches, hand bears the total power to be quite. Wen yu rise yu have thousands around yu to stop n lock u up. But it takes courage to break it open n it takes lot more courage to trust in yurslf.
Bearing things doesn’t mean I’m incapable.. I am waiting fr my tym with total braveness. I see the govt corrupted with money, the wrld corrupted with power n the people corrupted with uncivilised thots n no true knowledge about the birth n reason for it.
If some gets to know the answer or try finding it, the entirety fyts each to dump it down.
Its never accepted to remain quite. Only when yu r outspoken, yu r focused..focused to find fault n gossip. When yu thnk within the wrld yu r dragged inside it…
Think beyond the universe, think inside the blackhole, count the stars, failure doesn’t matter, even aftr failures trusting yurslf, means the world…..


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