Losing yourself into the uncertainties in things and people Рpeople start losing interest in people as like they start losing interest in things. One such criteria where most call it uncertainty  and few(very few) call it a Wonder.

Being wise – doesn’t judge you. Being rough- doesn’t matters you. Being attitudinal – never De-rates or deteriorate you. Unlike the wave that never crossed its marine. Unlike the bird that never reached the horizon. Unlike the air that closed inside a container.

Unlike all the singles, be the matrix collision of different combinations. Be the first discoverer of your own flame. Let the flame luster into the darkness of your journey. Trigger the incandescence within, with all the cheap shots, disgraces and the abuses. Let the blaze hold your heart, body and soul. Find your best rival in you.

“Never be afraid of the Uncertainties, and dare to call it a WONDER!”


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