None can be you.. Nobody replaces you… No matter what don’t feel down…. keep your chin up….. and continue your voyage


If You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change – Dr. Wayne Dyer — The Seeds 4 Life

The circumstances of our life will change when we decide to change. When we change our thinking – our emotions and attitudes change. When we change our approach – our actions change, which in turn changes our destination. When we change our perceptions, the way we respond and interpret our environment, ourselves, we transform the…

via If You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change – Dr. Wayne Dyer — The Seeds 4 Life

There is something more in life that you value more than your ego!

That feeling of being apart from your own self might badly hurt you enormously. Sometimes all you do is just react your own way with another, which in turn collapse you as they doesn’t take things in yours, they have their own. you just start behaving your own way and then find its just your way and you cant expect people to react the same way. And later wonder and feel trembled thinking about the manner you had reacted to them.

You might have met thousands in your life, but still this remains an unanswered question. No matter  how long you know each other but this still remains the most difficult question. No matter in what position you are, if you are a true bond maker you care.

The art of understanding and judging people is far beyond the common human thinking capability. Though you might feel you can’t become responsible for what had happened, it still itches you as irrespective of the days, you value them. That is why everything becomes so complicated. All you think for your dear ones is that they must never feel  bad. In-spite of knowing you remain the cause for their bad feel you can’t proceed further with them. You just stay still, think, think back, and go back. I would describe that as the most pathetic moment a good friend may have.

So, try not to judge the ones, try not to think too much as that might uproot the relationship. you may have the gut feeling say “you shouldn’t have done this” respecting your instincts try approaching them again, when you value the relationship more than your ego!

Chin up, Princess! 

Seeing injustice you may loose your temper, your head rises, teeth clutches, hand bears the total power to be quite. Wen you rise you have thousands around you to stop n lock u up. But it takes courage to break it open n it takes lot more courage to trust in yourself.Bearing things doesn’t mean I’m incapable.. I am waiting fr my time with total braveness. I see the govt corrupted money, the world corrupted with power n the people corrupted with uncivilized thoughts n no true knowledge about the birth n reason for it.

If some gets to know the answer or try finding it, the entirety fyts each to dump it down.

Its never accepted to remain quite. Only when yu r outspoken, yu r focused..focused to find fault n gossip. When yu thnk within the wrld yu r dragged inside it…

Think beyond the universe, think inside the blackhole, count the stars, failure doesn’t matter, even aftr failures trusting yurslf matters alot….

Head high! Eye straight! B-)

Being quite and calm doesn’t mean being innocent and scared. Out of all possible paths and ways experienced, the path chosen is staying calm and patience. If that makes people think, its a sign of innocence and start dominating prove them ahmisa has its dark side too. Whack them with the damn truth. Make them feel abashed of their behavior. Prove them being good doesn’t mean you don’t have a dark side. Tare them apart with your genuine behavior. And again keep your chin up, head high and eye straight. Carry on your attitude and bravery ahead.