Inner truth B)

Never comfort yourself with lies for pleasure, real joy and contentment comes from truth. Truth might be bitter sometimes, inspite of being bitter, it is truth. Lies could be sweetest but it is not true. Learn to live in the state of truth. Though it sounds bitter it stays long, never traits you, it makes you live, the way you are. Remember the comfort scenario is highly cautious and it never lasts long. All that glitters are not gold.
All that is white is not milk. Being true might cost you but being fake just rates you.
I wanted to be true to myself, true to my birth but people doesn’t need it, only the pleasure matters them. Slap the persons with your inner truth.
You could be the fault-doer. Never mind. Even the lord can’t be truthful always.
Remember!  The epic of mahabharath. When udhishtra actually lied to dhrona about dhrona’s son ashvathama’s death, keeping his inner truth strong and staying up with the fact about the death of an elephant named ashvathama, he typically lied dhrona.
This is the truth one should have in their own self. That cunning truth is what that is required.
I stayed up with it and black screened my past. Never let anyone know the past you never want to remember. When that past involves you, it means it includes you.
Yes! I listen to my brain and consult with my heart.
Thus, I don’t feel anything bad about my behaviour towards something or someone.
Hence, I always keep my chin up and eye straight. B)