That moment you feel you really lost something but still you are marching because your life doesn’t end there :)

You may be pretty good in making acquaintances but when it comes to the case of relationship,people might fail badly. Only those people will know the real bad (worst would do good) feeling it gives.You may not be that pleasing or smoothing type and not that weak externally. But as far as heart and inner feeling is concerned, your heart and sturdiness may be fragile.
But its okay to be so, you can manage such situations because you can learn a lot. Longing for these things may not be new to you. Whatever happens, whoever move out,never give up on you. If you are done trusting people, listening to them, changing for them, and at last betrayed by them. Yes! None could stop you from who you are. No more delays. No more worries. No more worst feelings. No more nothing.
Heading up!
Racing up!
Fighting up! And
Die deserving it up!


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