A look within and around!!!

The boundless beauty of the mother nature in the shades of you and me, this and that, body and soul. The flawless creation. It should be damn true that the creator is the galaxy’s most favorite admirer. The odorless air has a scent, the colorless water has a color, what a craving? What a sensation?
I would love to fly into the air, dive, dance, sing, stunt, and would love to be the beauty of the most beautiful creation. It needs the most romantic imagination and true taste to be the lover of nature. Look at every single things around you and finally you would wonder, you got a boon to be born in this era. The bounty of the natural scenes, the greenery of the plantations, the lullaby of the breeze, the wowsome perfection of the moon, the lust in the sparkling star.. no melody could match with the chirping of the birds, nothing is as gorgeous as the eye blinding lightning, no beat is as mind boggling as the beat of thunder, no step could match with the swaying branches, no touch is as pleasing and tempting as the touch of the rain drops, nothing is as ferocious as the roar of the lion, no light is as good as sunlight, no dark could ever match with the pitch black sky,..
When love for something increases proportionally, the admiration of it increases twice and thrice.
Be an explorer in the adventurous creation in the splendid beauty.


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