That moment you feel you really lost something but still you are marching because your life doesn’t end there :)

You may be pretty good in making acquaintances but when it comes to the case of relationship,people might fail badly. Only those people will know the real bad (worst would do good) feeling it gives.You may not be that pleasing or smoothing type and not that weak externally. But as far as heart and inner feeling is concerned, your heart and sturdiness may be fragile.
But its okay to be so, you can manage such situations because you can learn a lot. Longing for these things may not be new to you. Whatever happens, whoever move out,never give up on you. If you are done trusting people, listening to them, changing for them, and at last betrayed by them. Yes! None could stop you from who you are. No more delays. No more worries. No more worst feelings. No more nothing.
Heading up!
Racing up!
Fighting up! And
Die deserving it up!


A look within and around!!!

The boundless beauty of the mother nature in the shades of you and me, this and that, body and soul. The flawless creation. It should be damn true that the creator is the galaxy’s most favorite admirer. The odorless air has a scent, the colorless water has a color, what a craving? What a sensation?
I would love to fly into the air, dive, dance, sing, stunt, and would love to be the beauty of the most beautiful creation. It needs the most romantic imagination and true taste to be the lover of nature. Look at every single things around you and finally you would wonder, you got a boon to be born in this era. The bounty of the natural scenes, the greenery of the plantations, the lullaby of the breeze, the wowsome perfection of the moon, the lust in the sparkling star.. no melody could match with the chirping of the birds, nothing is as gorgeous as the eye blinding lightning, no beat is as mind boggling as the beat of thunder, no step could match with the swaying branches, no touch is as pleasing and tempting as the touch of the rain drops, nothing is as ferocious as the roar of the lion, no light is as good as sunlight, no dark could ever match with the pitch black sky,..
When love for something increases proportionally, the admiration of it increases twice and thrice.
Be an explorer in the adventurous creation in the splendid beauty.

True Love

That pathetic moment when you feel like you never wanna do something but for the gratitude and love towards some persons and the happiness you want them to feel, makes you give the best of yourself in that genre even though you hate to do it.
How do you call it?
Love towards them?
One among the best things you could give them?
There are things you can’t explain and know, why is it happening?  why am i doing it?  What makes me do it?
Thats what I call the ‘true love’.

That YOU!

When you are becoming someone awesome and more over new, just believe blind folded that you are fighting with something tremendous and much more awesome than you are.
Be proud, lady!
You are not just surviving it, but living pretty good with it.
Trust you are capable for the maximum. I repeatedly remind myself
” I explore the world of me – the real me.
Exploring is what I love,
Adventure is what I live in.”
Make it powerful than any men ever expected it to be.

Every dream has a story!


I dream a lot!
Its sometime better not to know what we really want in life as being so pre planned spoils the fun in each moment.
For a girl, her thoughts, dream, desire, career doesn’t end in a single commitment called ‘marriage’.
In a place like India women still suffer a lot in cases of races and gender. Being talented in a genre, and just because she is a female sex, the growth of  her is totally deteriorated.
In a place where a women is positioned only for household chores,
– the equality is burnt,
-the dreams are killed,
-the talents are not respected.
Where the society is leading to¿¿¿¿¿ disgusting -_-

Sitting dumb for almost two and a half hours in the exam hall made use of the silence which I paid for. I always found fault having less manners in people. This criteria didn’t exist for a single person, it incremented. And today I found, it takes an extra commonsense to understand people and to stand on their shoes. After a long struggle with my ego, I came up with the right thing. And I am proud of that attitude. Thats the reason why I praise my attitude and others don’t.

Whose fault is it?

Whats bloody wrong with the bloody hell of the society!? I wonder…
Society: do what yu think is wise and good.
Me: okay! I wanna join the army.
Society: wtf!? You are a girl. You aren’t allowed to do it. Change the way you think.
Me: ( then why the fuck you asked me to decide on my own????? )

The so called society detoriates the man’s love for the society, his career, the respect he has over society, his character and finally his attitude.
And then it tells… he isn’t fit and he is a sin to the society, and finally he is anti-social.

What the fuck!?????