That was a time when I looked around, I rarely used to see people around me. I literally had no friends. I had a question, ‘can’t a boy and girl be good friends?’
I moved on… I was put on a different environment where I could fit with no one. I could see a flame of sympathy in all eyes.
I moved on… I got a number of friends outta which few were my besties.
I moved on… I seldom had contacts  with my besties n again a different un liking environment. I had male friends most best than the female. All I saw was friendship, but all I got back was attractions n infatuations from the opposite. I again wondered “why can’t a boy and girl be friends!?” This time I didn’t even expect any friendship in return, but they expected back the same feeling, which I can never think of.
And now..
I understood, yes! A boy and a girl can be very good and close friends only if both are matured. Only if all they want back is friendship. Just friendship…
The fact is ‘people of this generation proving the belief and thoughts of their ancestral generation’


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