THE CHANGE: It begins from us!

I wonder.. why can’t a men see another women as his sister or friend or cousin or mother…few of the men look at a women only with sexual intention, try dominating her, always thinks a women as a weaker sex. Is a girl anywhere and anyhow lesser than a men? No way!
I don’t think so. She is equally an abled hand and brain. Sorry! I am here noway giving a comparison between the two. Comparison sucks! And I know we are equal in all aspects.
After committing the crimes, perverted idiots, I don’t understand how few men blame the victim(women) of the crime.
Its starts from the parents attitude and the way they bring up their child
“Rather than teaching your daughter how to be, teach your son how not to be.”
Both are the two sides of a coin.
There exists no meaning crying after the crime had happened. Lets start from here.
“The revolt in the attitude!”


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