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Rage with the life around to comfort self

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“The clouds  cleared, but there is no sign of sky

The Sun shines, still the darkness rules

The birds chirp, out of agony

The branches sway, but there is no beat

The birds fly of the chaos

Children play, there seem to be no fun

A lass smiled, there was no life

The plane takes off and fly high but whats the point?

The road is busy with traffic where cops keep on clearing the crowd but still it appears empty

Buildings are built high but there is no sight of a tree

People cross each other but there is no smile or any sign of acquaintance

There is light, but it’s gradually fading

There is life all around but still it all appears dead”

All these would have been a way opposite if I looked at it in a happier way. This explains what art is. Everything we look, everything we hear, everything we feel, all these are based on our own perspective, there is no use or it is simply lame blaming things around and comforting self with a lie.



a Self Prosecutor






Teachings of daily life – life at its best and worst

It happened to be the controversy between the heart and brain. I always think about things that stays with me forever and gives a permanent impact. It’s that thing or nothing. That’s how I grew up. All this started right from the first dress I was allowed to choose. From the first dress I chose to the job I chose to be I made all it happened with my knowledge. I might have chosen the path which I’m not interested in rather than choosing the favorite and desired path. But even though I travel in the path I didn’t desire, I have the same old love for the path I desired close to heart. And I give myself for that, trying hard, working out things, executing it, then fail, and again fail… thinking someday, somehow I’ll be there in the path I always wanted to be.

Exercise and workout till you get there for the fight. It’s not that I am calm waiting for the things to happen in my life, it’s just that I work till I get there in my way. It is just from that film “Rab ne bana de Jodi” I learnt this lesson “Travel in your mind and act where you gotta go, once and for all you’ll be there meeting you with the thing you wanted you to be” from the line

“We’re travelling in the love lane, down the street we’ll meet again”

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I never felt bad for the tough days, they never mattered me, it was a real fun dealing with them. But I am always concerned about the unproductive days. The days I wanted to feel like worth having rather than regretting. A day with no regret is a successful day, a day wasted out of interest is like a day with no inner light.

Since, ups and downs are what the path are made of, being whiny will do no good. But trying to get a hype in the day is eventually necessary. The day started all with fun, but later it went down a drowsy part with no shown interest. And the buzz started when I realized and started to write this post. I postponed the work I gotta do because having no interest and doing a thing will only spoil the food. I chose its better tasty being late, than bitter being soon.

Still all things in life are connected with priorities, you can’t wait till the waves hit your shelter, when its a wave hitting your shadow is fine. There is no use in doing things when the thing matters nothing to you. Put the soul’s eternity even in the smallest work you do. At the end you’ll be proud that its your work.

At the same, don’t expect for the credits and don’t fall for the credits others give you. It might ruin the things you are up to. Never take the success to your head, your head will start to weigh more and at last you loose your balance – you might tremble or fall with the huge thud.









Untie your mind, heart and soul – cut through the darkness B)

Be random, Be crazy.

Be the best you.

Lend a hand, you never fade.

Have your style when it worth for while.

Follow your heart, make your path.

Fear not, to fail.

Rejuvenate instantly when you collapse.

Be amazingly great for yourself, not for the world.

Stay tuned and explore self.

Persevere till the end.

Refuse to quit.

Make your own fears fear.

Get lost in the right.

Your attitude when doomed will count.

Be the one with mind, the one with attitude, the one of class.

Yes! Be amazingly great for yourself.

Unwrap the magic spark.

Illuminate the blaze of imagination.

                      “Untie the mind.

                       Untie the heart.

                       Untie the soul.

             Cut through the darkness.”

Tell the world…

I’m the son/daughter of guts.”

The inner voice tells you what you want – go for it. No matter what because that is the way you live!

OMG! Did I really grow up? Am I really becoming responsible day by day? I never a felt a difference within myself! But things are coming too fast my way. Should I be happy? amazed? proud? partying? treating? boasting? I am going with none. I am not getting this still, ‘Am I fully ready for this? Am I the person for that position?’ Sometimes these questions on self-analyzing might ruin your mind and might make you annoyed.

But tell yourself…

This doesn’t mean I am lacking self-confidence. My way of satisfying with things is different. We can’t just be satisfied with things the world mark at us, as far as I know I rate my own self. Positive or Negative? Good or Bad? I am there to judge me. After all, judging self is a million time better than judging others. Put the time you have to judge yourself rather than wasting it on others.

But be always afraid of not having enemies/people getting on your nerves/rivals/people who gossip. It is dangerous if you don’t have any of the above. You may think your life is peaceful with no combatants or may live in a virtual world where you think you top the show but sadly there are no players playing with you in the ground.

That is where the entire life sucks to drag you down to the first phase of failure. The worst part is you have no idea that you’re silently being pulled down.

You might be the one who will not be annoyed by the irritants but by their silence.  

You might be the one who will not be disturbed by the discrimination but become mad by the boasts on you.

You might be the one who will not be tired of the failures but by the success in the very first attempt.

You might be the one who is okay with not socializing but the one who is disgusted by the group gossiping.  

You might be the one who is ready to stay single but refuse to go on with the relationship that has no respect for you though you still long for it.

You might be the one who is ready to die soon by taking adventure than living with no life for years and years.

You may be the one who is ready to lose people but not willing to give away your privacy at any cost.

Take time to be you, to have what you want, to love what you do, to be the one who you really wanna be. Never be carried away by appreciations, you know where you stand and where you wanna be. After all life is for living in your own way. Just because someone says you are wrong, doesn’t mean you really are. Just because you do it, doesn’t mean you did it right.

Ask you in the inner soul that instincts that inner voice… think about it… consult with your logical brain… do it if you still think you should. Because that is what you wanted to do and that is what you think is right!

To those rude people is my gratitude!

Totally love what I did today. The work of Management is really getting my likes day by day. Even this moment I’m writing is a scenic moment, when people are busy working at things which they may use for future or not. I, sitting here with comfort, wearing that virtual coolers that chills me up and keeps me cool always, who may or mayn’t have any work to do sometimes but still eager to use each minute I spend in a way I feel it worth, not here for money, not here for career, not here for people, not here for love, not here for fun, not here for any big cause but just to get into adventure and explore the new experience.

Yes! I was that loud mouth, who always used to say, ‘No way I’m going for work. I am not here to work for some foreign agent.’ Of course yes, I still go with the same. If you think you’re working and updating yourself for the development of your career in the company, there would be a possibility you forever be an employee of some company. The moment you think and also feel you are updating and experiencing things for the sake of yourself and your passion, Note it “Someday too close you’ll be someone whom you desire the most.”

There is none better than me and I’m better than none, this is the reality of life. The person who wants to become himself/herself will make people think that they want to become someone like them.

What if Billgates wanted to become Sachin Tendulkar??? It is something like oil and water. A total non-sync. No doubt if Ravi Varma wanted to become Michelangelo, the world would have missed a wonderful aesthetic painter of Indian social causes. All those who wanted to become someone they’re not is having a good life to talk about others’ and those who wanted to be them self in every aspect of life is having a beautiful life and a life for others to talk about and desire about.

A small difference that makes a drastic change. Here, you do all necessary stuffs but remain hidden and be happy by seeing others happy. You still learn from the scratch. The literal corporate stuffs, the extra flavors called favors for the employees, the cunning reasons hidden doing certain stuffs, plannings behind doing a single simple thing… sometimes I get bored, sometimes left out, sometimes amazed, sometimes energetic… starting to love it, the way I’m learning things from the scratch.

It’s not my way to plan for things earlier, it’s always the last moment that “let’s face it maniac”, I am. And now, I couldn’t believe that I am planning for a single event for weeks remembering the best outcomes of my on the spot events and hosting. Though, that is the best experience I could have had so far, this is also interesting. The best part is being a silent admirer of things around and things in.

Thanks to the people who pushed me to be myself, thanks for the difficulties, thanks for those criticisms, thanks for showing that atrocities, without these I’m no where here and now.


The best blog post I read today – “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better”

Are you waiting for that time when “everything will fall into place?” When the economy will be better, when your situation will be better, when you’ll have different people around you? Are you wishing for a different kind of relationship, for a different you, for a different body, for a different career? Are you thinking […]

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ரவுத்திரம் கொள் தமிழா!!!

“அச்சம் தவிர்      நய்யப் புடை

மானம் போற்று    ரவுத்திரம் பழகு

ஆண்மை தவறேல்      தாழ்ந்து நடவேல்

சூரரை போற்று   தீயோர்க்கு அஞ்சேல்

ஓய்தல் ஒழி    நேர்பட பேசு

தாழ்ந்து நடவேல்    சாவதற்கு அஞ்சேல்

காலம் அழியேல்    கீழோர்க்கு அஞ்சேல்

போர் தொழில் பழகு    தோல்வியில் கலங்கேல்

புதியன விரும்பு     வீரியம் பெருக்கு

கெடுப்பது சோர்வு      உண்மைக்கு அஞ்சேல்

வெடிப்பற பேசு       நன்று கருது

வவ்வுதல் நீக்கு      தவத்தினை நிரப்பு நீ

கற்றது ஒழுகு      கைத்தொழில் போற்று

சேர்க்கை அழியேல்      பேய்களுக்கு அஞ்சேல்

ஞாயிறு போற்று     மந்திரம் வலிமை

சவுரியம் தகுமே   எல்லாம் மெய் செய்

நாள் எல்லாம் மெய் செய்”

I would have deleted the first line to start this blog a hundreds of times and still got nothing that would match with the rage of the Tamizhans against PETA in India. Actually, we are not against PETA in India but we are strong as iron in heart and mind to not let PETA take our culture of JALLIKATTU back with them.

Instead of starting up the blood topic that have all my support with Tamizh spirit in a foreign language I wanted it to start like this in a Tamizh way, a Tamizhan way, a Tamizhachi way.

These lyrics by Mahakavi Bharathiyar stirred my blood and gave me the courage to strike the real hard in this issue that united every TAMIZH who resides in every nook and corner of the world. Translating the above lyrics in “THE TAMIZH” to English…

“Don’t be afraid, Strike hard

Keep up your esteem, practice anger

Do not lose manliness, don’t lose dignity

Praise talented persons, don’t be afraid of evil

Do not rest, talk straight

Do not lose dignity, don’t be afraid of death

Do not waste time, don’t be afraid of less dignified people

Practice warfare, don’t regret for failures

Welcome new things, increase virility

Avoid fatigues, don’t be afraid of truth

Speak with clarity,think good

Avoid desirableness for material things, practice penance

Practice what you learn, do manual work

Know your association, don’t be afraid of ghosts

Praise the Sun, mantra gives strength

valor is good, do what is right.

Where did the TamilNadu government go? Where is the sign of the Central government? What the heck is the ministry doing? We are getting barred everywhere we approach. Is the government doing fair by maintaining continuous silence throughout, towards the most typical issue of the pure Tamil culture and the inevitable feelings of every Tamizhan around the world?

As we get busy with works, as days and time passes we tend to forget about our culture, our history and we only stay focused on working for the foreign lands and started to forget our Motherland. There are still many people around who don’t will to join the protest talking about not completing their projects which they wanna deploy after a week. Work and career is important, I agree. But what about our identity? People started to spend maximum of their time caring for something unknown and finally have no time for self and their society. Is that why the corporate provide them pocket and account full?

Why can’t the Corporate people take part in it when they can post and tweet on their wall on supporting Jallikattu, but why can’t they come out and stand for the real protest?

While I asked the same question to myself, I decided that there would be no use of just blogging and drawing on supporting Jallikattu but I should be there taking part in the protest against PETA and do my part best as a Tamizhachi and then start talking about it.

There is no place for the word “SAVING” in Jallikattu. We are going to have Jallikattu no matter if the bloody government ban it or not. Have any people who talk against Jallikattu seen the real live Jallikattu? Is PETA really taking its shot for saving animals against cruelty or did it damn join hands with the corporate for such shitty business stuffs?

There is no use blaming the corporate, it’s us who gave place for such things to take place in our Country. When the Corporate advertised not to use salt for brushing, we abandoned it and again when the Corporate said Salt is good for gums we started using it. Which clearly shows we people never wanted to be our self with our own culture and needs. We had always aimed for the glittering fantasy which doesn’t exist or belonged to us.

Whatever be the past it’s time we analyse and know the current situation we are in.

I respect and salute the young power of thousands of man and woman who are standing and protesting against PETA for saving our JALLIKATTU without minding the climate and power of government that is shown against us but supposed to be supporting us, our feelings. It’s just because of the thousands who are around there in different parts of Tamilnadu taking part in the protest and lakhs who show their protest through different form of arts from different parts of the world.

The situation would be perfectly structured if some girls out there complaining “Why should only boys have all the fun?” have come out and stood with us in the protest in the possible ways of any possible forms. Cut off that part of only talking about feminism and start being a feminist. Feminism doesn’t only applies for equal salary, equal designation, treating equal, dressing independence, respect in society or against male dominance. If we want to be respected, we want to be respectful. Take up the weapon, girls! Our presence in such protest is the best weapon the state would have in support for itself.

There should never occur a situation where we native people put all our self into the situation we are currently in. We are fighting to get our culture back. Isn’t it a shame fighting for sustaining our own culture which we follow for thousands and thousands of years in our own motherland against some foreign agent called PETA which just emerged in India? Isn’t it a shame to know neither our state government nor our central government cares about our emotion that is deep attached to this issue? Isn’t the state government abashed for letting its own people suffer emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically? Are we towards the right thing in life? Will our future generation be safe in such a place where an individual is not respected for any of his/her emotions? Where is our country heading? Why does the central government which always uses the power of social media to reach the people out in the country doesn’t use its influence here in TamilNadu in this issue? I know the government is by the people and of the people. All I wanted to know is “Is the government really for the people?”

Every Tamizh people out there should wholeheartedly swear, “No matter what, I will keep fighting for my traditions, my culture, my rights and make my identity as a TAMIZH stand forever.”

This is not the voice of a single person. It’s  the voice of TAMIZH, TAMIZHAN and TAMIZHACHI.